First Look at Game 4!

What’s this?? Game 4 is upon us!!
Shortly before the release of BattleBlock Theater we started working on something new. We schemed up a bunch of concepts and picked our strongest one. From there we fleshed out the lone survivor prototype!!! As it grew stronger and stronger, we polished it, furnished it with delights, and added (gluten free?) sprinkles. Yes, as the chicken dictates, this game is of a genre we haven’t covered before and seek to breathe a new flavor into. Maybe you can find a hint in the video below about which genre it is??
What we’ve ended up with is something we are all very proud of. I am confident you’ll get a kick out of this one. So we’ve decided to bring it to PAX Primeand you can play it! As usual we’ll want your feedback to steer the process. I cannot wait to show you guys what we’ve got!


Until that time, please enjoy the introduction video to this grand and mysterious adventure………. Stay tuned for more info at PAX Prime Booth 3003!!!





10 thoughts on “First Look at Game 4!”

  1. YEAH!!!! I GET TO PLAY IT AT PAX PRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish I could get your autograph dan, but I have to go on Monday…

  2. Looks interesting. I love all the Behemoth games. ^-^ My best bet would be a strategy game. I guess we will just have to wait ’til Pax. ;p

  3. Could you tell me if the game 4 will be exclusive to xbox one, please that is not because I am a big fan of Behemoth, and not want to play the new game on the pc or my future ps4.

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