Arena Feature and prisoner unlocks in BattleBlock Theater

This week we update the Arena Feature in BattleBlock Theater for XBLA and Steam–so you can enjoy the best of the best community made levels! Since it’s summer, you can stuff your belly with BBQ and relax with a friendly competitive game in the Arenas. Or for you fans in Australia & New Zealand experiencing the winter, you can snuggle up with your mates and have some fun in the Theater. We can guarantee it’ll be warmer in there since there are cats and raccoons looking to be close to you.
When you load up BattleBlock Theater in the online areas this week, you’ll also notice that you get TWO special unlocks this week!!
Featured Arena Playlists:
In XBLA: We Like Sportz by Atmosbreak
In Steam: Black And Blue [Arena] by KLJF22
Both playlists are fantastic! But don’t take it from me, take it from Meebs and Peeps it for yourself.
We out. (Mic drop)


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