Steam Summer Sale 2014!

Updated with special prisoner unlock info

This summer is going to be hot and Steamy with all these sales going on. What better time would it be to go on a multi-player adventure and fight with some barbarians, trolls, and catfish in Castle Crashers? Or if your heart seeks mystery with your battles, then you could check out BattleBlock Theater.
Get BattleBlock Theater at 50% off until June 30th.
Get Castle Crashers at 75% off until June 30th. The two DLC packs are also discounted!


As an added bonus, BattleBlock Theater has some special rewards as a part of the Summer Adventure on Steam! Crafting the Summer Adventure badge gets you 1 in-game item (crafting the foil badge gets you 5 items!) These items are both tradable and marketable. Start crafting now before you lose this chance to get these three BattleBlock Theater special unlocks! (The rules HERE.)

Spread the good news to your friends and family before they find out that you knew and you didn’t even mention it and then they’d be like, “oh, no you didn’t!”
Mmhmm. Don’t be like that. Be the hero.


6 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale 2014!”

  1. NOOOOOOO TT^TT Lava Lamp is my favourite TT^TT And now it’s “precious”. I imagine me getting that now xD

  2. Are these head going to be featured at any time? Because having a slim chance of getting a cool head like Lava Lamp is bogus! The market doesn’t help us either, the head is way too over priced! I believe the heads should have all been common so people with bad luck can just obtain the heads for pennies instead of using a lot of money buying cards and games to have a slim chance on what they want! This is totally not Peeslosh!

  3. Yeah, i totally agree. It’s unfair according to XBOX players who could get it just playing Furbottom’s -.-

  4. How are people even going to get the Unicorn head at the end of the year! Only 200 or so people who most of them dont have the game will have the head? Can I please request an reply?

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