FF Updates and Unlocks : Father’s Day

FeaturePost_THEDADThe happiest of celebrations to you and your progenitor! To honor the Dads of today, we’ll be giving out “The Dad” today in BattleBlock Theater XBLA and Steam. All you’ll need to do is head over to an online area while you’re signed into your account and it will automatically unlock this special prisoner in the game. For some weekend fun, perhaps you can duke it out with the Dad in the Arena.


Or if the one-on-one is too much pressure, then you can just go into the Furbottom’s Feature with one–solo. We’ve updated the Furbottom’s Features solo playlist and changed up the special unlock you get when you finish the featured adventure playlists.


Furbottom’s Features – Solo Playlist Update


BattleBlock Theater Steam
Playlist: Training Zone by DinoX13


BattleBlock Theater XBLA
Playlist: Block World 2 by NightFirek900


Once you’ve finished either the solo or cooperative playlist in Furbottom’s Features, you’ll be able to unlock Manbirth. It’ll be like getting one and a half prisoners in one special unlock! You’re welcome, World.


Happy Father’s Day!


19 thoughts on “FF Updates and Unlocks : Father’s Day”

  1. I don’t know what happened but when i logged into game (Steam version), in main menu Meebs was unlocked, after that when i logged into onlne arena, The Dad, hasn’t unlocked, and finally when i’ve finished solo Furbottom’s Feature i unlocked NOT Manbirth but Peeps o.0 What is going on?

  2. The Dad character didn’t appear. Instead, it gave me the “Light bulbs” character or something like that.(I do not have the game on English so I dont know how it is really called), and when i scrolled to it in the menu, my game crashed. Behemoth fix pls.

  3. Hello! I logged in today and instead of “The Dad”, I got “Meebs”. Then after completing the solo Furbottom’s Features, instead of “Manbirth”, I got “Peeps”. I don’t know what when wrong. I hope I can still get “The Dad” and “Manbirth”. I love these heads, thank you!

  4. Again having the same issue as everybody, and i sure hope it isn’t intentional or possibly its only available on Father’s Day, cause i love both of these heads.

  5. I think that if we got these two: Meebs, and Peeps. If there is a way to fix it will be just putting those The Dad and Manbirth on next week unlocks i guess, cause how do you want to fix that? xD I hope that Behemoth will do anything and read the comments at least

  6. ALREADY FIXED ;D Just log in again now and play furbottom’s once again and The Dad and Manbirth will be unlocked 😀

  7. I’ve still got problems, on Xbox 360, just loading the new playlist for the first time now. I’ve had The Dad for a while, but Manbirth is one I’ve been missing. Furbottom’s Features was an odd three level playlist, which I finished all three levels, and nothing seemed to happen. If the game to awarded me any heads, they would’ve been ones I’ve already had, notably not Manbirth. Reloading the game and restarting the console haven’t changed anything.

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