Number 2 of the Final Five: FBI Agent 2

Our FBI Agent 2 is second in command, but that doesn’t mean he’s less of a force to be reckoned with. The second of five reveals in BattleBlock Theater–a reward for those who complete the Furbottoms Features this week. Play the new Solo Furbottoms Features playlist, “Portal Lab,” or replay the Co-Op Furbottoms Features playlist, “Concession Cat,” and unlock this Alien Hominid FBI Agent 2 at the finish line.




He’s been through battle against the extraterrestrial visitors, now let’s see how he holds up against a theater full of cats. Get the second of the Final Five now! Learn more about the new Furbottoms Features playlist and some insider info on FBI Agent 2.


13 thoughts on “Number 2 of the Final Five: FBI Agent 2”

  1. ive spent hours in the finale throwing a rock over exploding blocks and still havent passed that single part. >:(

  2. Hate this playlist. Liked it when it was just pure challenging, but when the lasers started being important in the playlist, all I liked went down the drain.

  3. I don’t like this playlist so much.
    Each level is based on only one thing. If those levels were made with a mix of the challenge of those actual levels they would not be so boring… and more various…
    But it was not so bad for the challenges… so, thanks.

    I voted it with an half-star for the “you love jesus” on the finals levels…. come on, take the religion out of other houses (writed by an Italian guy who lived in Rome, not so far from the Pope house lol).

    Thanks for the star head…. it’s not spectacular but thanks 😉
    I love you big B (Behemoth). 😀

  4. I don’t know why everyone is soo rageful.I mean I know it was hard and all,but to say the playlist is not good takes it too far.Opinion will always be opinion and peope shouldn’t care,but you have to understand the creators and people who enjoyed the playlists feelings.If you think it was that hard and you really tried PM and I just might give you him for free.My GT is Mordecai Guy5.

    • I don’t have to understand anyone else’s feelings, actually.

      This playlist–especially the finale–makes one of the worst errors that any game can make: it’s just not fun.

      “You have to understand other people’s feelings! Wahhhh!”

      Go shill for someone else.

  5. the finalale was stupid hard for the first part it took 3 mins and hen your already out of time for the second part

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