Play with the Devs – Ep 10 – Recap



Yesterday, we had our first Play with the Devs live stream for 2014 on TwitchTV. It was an extra special episode since we had the rare chance to bring Tom Fulp, one of our co-founders and programmer, come on the stream to play Castle Crashers XBLA with the community. While our studio is located in San Diego, California, Tom lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Luckily, he was visiting the studio this month so we stole him for an hour and put him in front of the camera.


Here's Tom preparing for battle before the live Twitch stream. He had a couple practice rounds before we got started.
Here’s Tom preparing for battle before the live Twitch stream.

Tom and I started the live stream with a development story that most people have never heard about. He wouldn’t even tell me what story he’d share before we went live with the stream!


Tom wouldn't tell me the story before the live stream so this is my genuine response to the Orange Princess and Painter Boss story.
Tom reveals an alternate scenario for Castle Crashers – Orange Princess and Painter Boss story

Another part of the fun in our Play with the Devs streams is the ability to chat with fans and answer questions they may have about our games.

TwitchTV Viewer: “How do you manage working on both Newgrounds and the Behemoth stuff?

Tom: “Poorly.

Of course, there’s more to the story than that, but you’ll have to watch the full recording of our Play with the Devs episode if you didn’t catch it live!


Answers to the trivia questions were:
1) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2) Orange knight [but we would have accepted Green knight or Hatty as well!]
3) Adam or Liam
Thank you to everyone who joined us in the chatrooms, who watched the stream, participated in the trivia contest, and big THANKS to the players who joined our Xbox LIVE parties to play Castle Crashers! Follow our TwitchTV Channel to get notified when the next stream goes live!


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