New Arena Feature in BattleBlock & Prisoner Encore

Another exciting Furbottom’s Friday with a release of a new Arena Feature made by L4D CHARG3R. The Arena playlist was named “Deadly Mixture” by the BattleBlock Theater community member.


In addition to the Arena Feature’s new deadly mixture, we’re going to try doing a mix of our own that could prove deadly–for us?(!)


We will be mixing up the release of the special prisoners and alternating between re-releasing a special prisoner (Encore! Encore!) and releasing one of the Final Five. There are several fans of the game who have been asking for a second chance to collect all the special prisoners, so we’re going to make sure each of the Star prisoners return once more to BattleBlock Theater.


Today, we are bringing back Cat Control! Part robot, part cat, and all prisoner. Don’t miss this second chance to get your very own feline controlled body.


6 thoughts on “New Arena Feature in BattleBlock & Prisoner Encore”

  1. Wait so is there a new prisoner in the final five this furbottom’s friday or just a re-release?If so in a way I feel betrayed I was really pumped for a new star head.

    • This is a re-release as a second chance for people who may have purchased the game after certain prisoners were out already and for people who may not have had a chance to get it the first time for whatever personal reasons. Everyone deserves a second chance πŸ™‚

      • Why couldn’t we have just released the final five star heads and then re-release the old star heads?Is it supposed to be suspense ,you never thought of that or you are still picking the final four star heads?

  2. I couldn’t get the barbarian in time cause of the difficult playlist please re-real ease it cause I disappointed I have all heads so far

    • The Barbarian is still connected to the completion of the Furbottoms Solo OR Co-Op playlists. Just need to finish all the levels to unlock. πŸ™‚ But it’ll be changing sometime next week!

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