Furbottoms Friday: Arena + 2 New Unlocks!

Welcome to another exciting Friday in BattleBlock Theater. Today, we’ve got a new Arena Feature up for you to play with your frienemies. For another wonderfully written description of the new playlist in the same witty manner of all Aaron’s posts, click HERE to learn more and be delighted by his riddle.
As for the prisoner unlocks of this week, we’ve taken down Hooshmand. However, don’t mourn too long otherwise you’d miss your opportunity to get two new friends in your entourage of prisoners!
Meet Meebs. I’m not too sure what this creation is supposed to resemble, but I personally can only think to describe it as キモかわいい (kimo-kawaii). It’s sort of a slangish word, actually two words just mushed together to make one adjective, which means it’s cute in a creepy way. Or directly translated “gross-cute.” (Cecil is kinda kimo-kawaii too, don’t ya think?)

As an added bonus, you’ll also be getting Swamp Bro! Not to be mistaken for these guys:

No, our Swamp Bro is a little different. He’s also got a tall, dark and handsome look about him, but he’s pretty intimidating even without the lizards and alligators.


Just be sure to sign in to Xbox LIVE and load up the full version of BattleBlock Theater. You’ll need to head over to an online feature, such as Furbottoms Features, to trigger the unlock. Happy playing!


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