When we created BattleBlock Theater (BBT)–or when we create any of our games for that matter–we didn’t do it for the awards but rather for the gaming community and because we wanted to challenge ourselves with another fun genre of gaming. That being said, it’s still pretty awesome to have received so much support from the fans for last year’s release of BBT and we’re honored to have been included in a few different categories for 2013’s Top Games.
We don’t have a page to put these up on for now, so we’ll just post what we’ve found in this blog post. Thanks to all the fans for their support and to all these gaming sites for nominating BattleBlock Theater!
Machinima Inside Gaming Awards – BattleBlock Theater Nominated for:
1) Best Voice Actor
2) Best Cooperative Multiplayer
3) Gamers’ Choice Award
Awarded: Best Cooperative Multiplayer
Game Informer Best of 2013 – BattleBlock Theater Awarded:
Best Xbox 360 Exclusive

Kotaku – BattleBlock Theater Awarded:
Tina Amini’s Top 10 Games

Front Burnr – BattleBlock Theater Awarded:
Best Xbox 360 Exclusive
Hardcore Gamer – BattleBlock Theater Awarded:
Best Xbox 360 Exclusive
Game Revolution – BattleBlock Theater Awarded:
Best Xbox 360 Exclusive


Warp Zoned – BattleBlock Theater Awarded:
The What? Award: The game that most perfectly encapsulates a single thought process as you play it: β€œWhat did I just see?”
Top 10 Games of 2013
Crave Online – BattleBlock Theater Awarded:
The Best Co-Op Video Games of 2013
Game Informer Readers’ Poll – BattleBlock Theater Nominated for:
1) Game of the Year
2) Best 360 Exclusive
3) Best Cooperative Multiplayer
4) Best Platforming Game

IGN Australia – BattleBlock Theater Nominated for:
1) Best Original Game
2) Best Indie Game
Capsule Computers – BattleBlock Theater Nominated for:
Best Xbox 360 Game
Game Trailers – BattleBlock Theater Nominated:
Best Xbox Game

To get a full recap of our 2013, including shows and our company anniversaries, click on “Farewell 2013” for our biggest moments of last year.


7 thoughts on “BBT FTW!”

  1. You guys deserve this! this truly is an amazing game. hopefully this game gets even more awards to claim the title of #1! πŸ™‚

  2. I love BBT, can’t wait for it to be on more platforms in the future so even more people get to enjoy a really great masterpiece.

  3. You guys have always been my favorite game developers because you guys actually interact with us on the blog and don’t just lay around you guys have worked so hard and you guys very well deserved it your games are the best

    Sincerely, bobo πŸ™‚

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