See Cecil at the end of the new Solo


2014 marks another year of great community made playlists in BattleBlock Theater for the foreseeable future. Also, something seeable at the completion of the new Solo Playlist in Furbottoms Features is the new special prisoner, Cecil!


Yes, Cecil the Cyclops will be yours as long as you’ve finished all the levels in either the new Solo playlist or replay our Cooperative CoMentumMonster playlist to the end. Sign in to Xbox LIVE now to play Furbottoms Features in the full version of BattleBlock Theater.


The new featured Solo Playlist is called “ZombieNarwhals” by MisterrQuentin. Click HERE for a preview of the levels and a write up by our very own Lead Level Designer, Aaron!


15 thoughts on “See Cecil at the end of the new Solo”

  1. I have some things to say, and I’ll try to be as diplomatic as possible.

    Battleblock Theater is a fun enough game, and it’s cool that you guys built tools to let us build our own levels.

    We are not professional level designers and the community levels show it.

    It seems like every featured playlist gets worse and worse. I consider myself good at this game, and good at games in general, and I’ve been trying to pass the first half the final time trial for two hours.

    I think it’s cool that you release limited edition prisoners from time to time, but under NO circumstances should they be tied to completing these horrible, awful levels that people like MisterrQuentin put together.

    I won’t be getting Cecil, I guess. I probably won’t be getting any more limited edition prisoners unless the only unlock requirement is to load up the full version of the game.

    It’s a shame, it really is, but this just isn’t working anymore.

    • Well, you’re right, those playlists sucks. Easy levels, Too much robots or other enemies, no one real level with real diffiulties. But I think they’re selecting those playlists because the best were been used yet…
      So, if you want to change this you can make a playlist for your own πŸ™‚

      Anyway, this is for Behemoth: I love this game and thanks for the star prisoners, but please, can you make some DLC and fix the bugs?

    • In one part, it is nearly impossible to get a movable block to go through a little “tunnel” where a saw is on top. Right after that, you can put that movable block on a button- or try to. Each time I tried to put it on there, even when it is EXACTLY on the button block, it glitches and moves forward or backward one block.

      Like a + magnet and a + magnet repelling each other.

  2. Are you folks and Quentin sadists or what? Good gravy this playlist makes me want to pummel senior citizens and eat babies while their parents watch helplessly.

  3. If you’ve completed the solo game on insane, you should be able to get this in forty-five minutes. This was the most challenge set of levels I’ve ever played in the game, and just knowing how many players are going to have a hard time completing it just made it that much more fun to push myself to complete it.

    Thank you MisterrQuentin, you’re levels were superior in my opinion; the perfect amount of challenge.

  4. Just logged in to say these levels were very good. I love them all. It did take me a bit to finish them but they’re nothing compared to my custom ones if I may say so myself. Then again I was one of the first people to get purple lightning :D.

    • The goal of the feature is not to be merely possible in theory, but to offer a challenging experience that rewards the player for their persistence; a difficult level does not always make for a “good” level.

  5. Just completed it. Hate pretty much everything but the last regular adventure level and the time trial that you have to complete to unlock Cecil that comes right after it.

  6. Aww these ppl bawwing. Is it cause you cant pass it, because your arent fully trying or giving up to easily. It was go challenge last that game he this sort of time was of course the one to Unlock the Monster and the one before for Scuba Steve. I will admit the Pig portion and perfect inch did frustrate me in understanding. This will help me for level design and abusing game physics. Ty for the playlist

  7. I thought the playlist was very difficult, but it used some ideas that I had never seen before, some of which I plan to put in my own levels!

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