Last chance to play our playlists!

This week, we will be keeping up all of the Behemoth-made playlists in the Furbottons Features of BattleBlock Theater. You’ll have one extra week to try to complete the playlists MomentumMonster (solo) and CoMentumMonster (cooperative), which both unlock the Monster prisoner at the completion of either playlist. Also up in the Arena section of Furbottoms Features is “FightForLove,” our playlist that we created for the debut of BattleBlock Theater during its first few weeks of release in April.
A new playlist will be featured starting January 3rd, 2014.

In addition to the prisoner you unlock in Furbottoms Features, we have a few freebies that are still up if you haven’t gotten them already! Santa, Hooshmand and CyberMonday (the cute little present prisoner) are still available to unlock just by signing in to your Xbox LIVE account and heading over to the online sections of BattleBlock Theater. If you haven’t had time to get these prisoners OR if you got our game recently, then this is your chance…don’t miss it!





4 thoughts on “Last chance to play our playlists!”

  1. Okay then as we haven’t even gotten a prisoner in 2 weeks, FBI Agent1 is STILL out. Now i’m starting to lose interest.

  2. Thou doubteth Thy Behemoth!
    They supported CC for years after release. You can still find a game because of this, and its sheer awesome sauceness like BBT.
    Nobody saw the Monster playlist coming, I bet they have some tricks left up those chicken sleeves.

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