A momentous performance in our new Monster Playlists!

Update:Fight For Love” was our first Arena playlist featured in BattleBlock Theater when the game first released and the playlist was also made by us for the community. Now, your holiday break can be spent playing all the Furbottoms Features made by our very own Level Designers because this playlist has made its return for the holidays!

Prepare Yourself for a Momentous Performance!
Just about any BattleBlock Theater regular can tell you that each and every week we uphold a tradition first put in place by the great P.Furbottom, something we fittingly call, “Furbottom’s Features”. We choose one playwright from the Community Theater and place one of their creations on high as an example of great stage design… or playwriting…or level design–really, whatever you want to call it. It’s a really great thing that we love to do, where everybody wins and has fun and is happy.
But, uh, this week we aren’t doing that.
And the reason for that is because THAT would be us resting on your laurels, and your laurels should actually be on your heads and not under our butts. So instead, as a gift that we’ve made especially just for everybody, we are happy to present TWO playlists of levels from us, The Behemoth!
You see, we didn’t intend for the Community Theater to only mean “stuff made by the community”–it was also an opportunity for us to keep making cool free stuff FOR the community! Stuff like this:
Featured Solo/Coop Playlists:
MomentumMonster” and “ComentumMonster” by Mr H Hattington

Solo (1)

First, do not be discouraged by the monstrous moniker! While not quite easy street, the levels found within are far from the most fatal your prisoners could face; those of you who have faced Story Mode might look to Chapters 6 and 7 for a hint.
Also, by “Comentum” we actually mean momentum, but we did, like, a thing where the name begins with “Co” instead of “Mo”… so that it sounds more like Cooperation. In case that wasn’t clear. What should be clear is that you can find both playlists in the Community Theater just like previous Furbottom’s Features, and each is full of the gems and yarn we know your heart desires!

CoOp (1)

In both sets of levels, you should expect your prisoner pal(s) to always be on the move, whether they want to be or not. And while a fanciful funnel of fans might seem fun at first, mastering your momentum can make the difference between being the entree or reaching the encore. And while we could apologize for all of the spike-lined loopty-loops and force-ball reinforced ricochets, when you’re building a Momentum Monster, you gotta pull out all the stops.

CoOp (2)

Which is why you shouldn’t expect a simple, left to right affair either: your prisoner may be asked to think outside of the box, which is tougher than it sounds for someone who is always being forced to live inside of one. Thankfully, the subtlety timed manipulation of triggers and teleporters can save you from the not-so-subtle buzzsaws and explosions.


Should you prove fleet enough to defeat either playlists’ finale, a triumphantly tri-horned prisoner will be freed to do your bidding! The special unlock to go with these Monster Playlists has been fittingly dubbed “THE MONSTER.”


FeaturePost_TheMonsterAnd you know what, that could totally work out fine for everyone… I don’t know why doing someone’s bidding always has to involve evil. Send your Monster out to fill the world with color in “Color the World” mode, or “Grab the Gold” mode and invest it in your local community.
You can also load your Monster down with grenades and make him uppercut everyone he meets in the face. And then we’ll find out who the real monster is, won’t we?

The Behemoth


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  1. Very fun playlist, completed the solo when I got home from a tour of some place that is 200 years old.

    And the head is really nice, too!

  2. a very creative and challenging playlist,(which i like) one of the best playlists i’ve ever played,and the special face is cool.

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