Play with the Devs – Torch the Turkey RECAP


Yesterday, we had our Thanksgiving edition of Play with the Devs streamed live on Twitch TV. We cut up some construction paper to relive our elementary school days and created the illusion that we were all pilgrims–or so we hope.

On the live stream, we did a short preview of an upcoming BattleBlock Theater Behemoth-made playlist called CoMentum Monster. More details on the release date on that, but for now you can watch the below clip to see what will be in store for you:

FeaturePost_TURKEYThe second part of our stream focused on a game the Level Design Team came up with called “Torch the Turkey.” The new Turkey prisoner was released during our live stream yesterday and used in a Muckle arena mode playlist designed specifically for this game. Basically, The Behemoth pair played the Turkey prisoner and the community pair played the “hunters.” The hunters would have to use their fireball weapon against the turkeys and set them on fire! Turkeys were only allowed to attack using their burning bodies to set their enemies aflame. Watch the insanity in the clip below:

The scoring got a little tricky, but we rewatched our own clips to ensure that we reward the team with the highest score (after subtracting the score from The Behemoth side). The breakdown is as follows:
Pair 1: Heathslayr + ninjaluigi12
1st level : 241 (their score) – 170 (Behemoth score) = 71
2nd level : 258 (their score) – 120 (Behemoth score) = 138
3rd level: 211 (their score) – 80 (Behemoth score) = 131
Total points: 340

Pair 2: Ps3guyguy + cmoneyno23
1st level : 321 (their score) – 160 (Behemoth score) = 161
2nd level: 269 (their score) – 120 (Behemoth score) = 149
3rd level: 200 (their score) – 120 (Behemoth score) = 80
Total points: 390 (WINNERS!)

Pair 3: Tearof insanity + niceapplesauce
1st level : 191 (their score) – 80 (Behemoth score) = 111
2nd level: 227 (their score) – 90 (Behemoth score) = 137
3rd level: 115 (their score) – 120 (Behemoth score) = -5
Total points: 243

Pair 4: Dropdurpoket + verwuverhuven
1st level : 170 (their score) – 150 (Behemoth score) = 20
2nd level: 230 (their score) – 160 (Behemoth score) = 70
3rd level: 212 (their score) – 130 (Behemoth score) = 82
Total points: 172

Pair 5: Mastermerf + oh butler
1st level : 262 (their score) – 110 (Behemoth score) = 152
2nd level: 138 (their score) – 140 (Behemoth score) = -2
3rd level : 245 (their score) – 40 (Behemoth score) = 205
Total points: 355

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the chatrooms and played against us on yesterday’s Play with the Devs. Congrats to Ps3guyguy & cmoneyno23! We’ll be sending you a Behemoth scarf as your reward. Until next time, y’all! Happy Thanksgiving!

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