The Behemoth’s Twitch Turkey Day: Nov 20

Update: Have a tablet with Windows 8 and want to play Castle Crashers Steam Edition on it? We’ll be giving out the codes for Gestureworks Gameplay for the best questions in the chatroom during tomorrow’s live stream!
Learn more about Gestureworks Gameplay here.

In our next Twitch TV live stream, we’ll be having some fun in the Arena and inviting our Twitch channel viewers to join us for Play with the Devs! We’ve created a special playlist just to play on the stream and anyone who joins us in our Twitch TV chatroom will be eligible to play against us.

Before the next stream, you can find “TorchTheTurkey” in the Community Theater of BattleBlock Theater and study up on the levels!
To find & play Online:
– From the main menu select “Xbox LIVE Game”
– Select “Host Player Match”
– Select “The Arena”
– Select “Community Theater”
– Select “Search for Playlist”
– In the “Creator” category scroll over to “Enter a gamertag” and press A
– Enter “Mr P Furbottom” and press Start
– Select “Run Search”
– Select “TorchTheTurkey”
– Have fun!

Scarf_2With this special Muckle mode playlist, we’ve concocted a game, which will be explained on our live stream. All you need to know to prep for this game is that you’ll need the fireball weapon in BattleBlock Theater. Also, you MUST be in the chatrooms in order to get selected to play. Teams will get a chance to win a prize: the team with the most points cumulatively in three levels will get a Behemoth scarf!
As an added bonus for viewers, we will be revealing the new special prisoner for the week of Nov 20th and you’ll be the first to see it!
Join us on Wednesday, November 20th, from 4:00PM to 5:30PM PST on The Behemoth’s Official Twitch TV Channel. Be sure to have your questions ready too because our staff will be happy to answer them on the live stream and in the chatrooms.

Check out the recording of our last Play with the Devs (PwtD)- Halloween Edition:
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