Furbottoms Fridays: New Co-Op Playlist & Prisoner

Hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween! Looking forward to seeing all of your Behemoth themed costumes and decorations HERE in our contest thread.

Today, we released a new BattleBlock Theater Co-Op playlist in Furbottoms Features! Along with the Featured Coop: Hattington Broz by Swirly Kalen, you’ll be rewarded at the completion of the playlist with a familiar face from Castle Crashers.

FeaturePost_TROLLTROLL: Nearly hunted to extinction by poachers for their enlarged obnoxitary glands, this most pestiferous of prisoners has benefited from a recent population explosion in the digital age. Just remember not to feed him… (Sound advice by our level designer, Aaron)

Also released earlier this week for Halloween (released during our live Twitch TV stream) were the following special prisoners: Return of 25% Off & 50% Off and the newly released prisoner, Peeps.



For these three unlocks, just sign in to your Xbox LIVE account, load up the full version of BattleBlock Theater and head over to the Furbottoms Features Menu to see them pop up! (The pop up will only occur if you don’t have the prisoner already)


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  1. I want peeps soooooo bad, and troll will make my friend (who loves, but doesn’t have, battle block theatre) jeles

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