PAX Prime Recap

It was one of our best times in Seattle exhibiting at PAX Prime 2013. We had a ton of events go down at our booth this year and many of them were BattleBlock Theater themed since our game released earlier in the year on Xbox LIVE arcade. Here is our recap video:

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On the first day of PAX, we had an anniversary cake for our 10th Year as a company (The Behemoth). We also had our first appearance by Will Stamper, our voice actor for BattleBlock Theater, along with Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp. And the day ended with us attending the Omegathon Round 2, which featured BattleBlock Theater as the game to eliminate one pair from the weekend long tournament.

Our second day, Saturday, was focused on our BattleBlock Theater tournament. Over 15 pairs joined in and only 3 pairs fought their way until the finals to become 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners.

On the third day of PAX, we had a special rematch with our friends from The Creatures. UberHaxorNova and Immortal HD were challenged to a rematch after we, the developers of the game, lost to them at RTX 2013. We surprised them with having our very own Dan Paladin up on stage with Team Behemoth.

It was a great weekend and we have plenty of pictures to go along with this recap video. Check out our pictures by clicking HERE.

Also, if you missed PAX and missed our 10 year anniversary trailer, you can watch that on YouTube now:

Thanks to those who stopped by to visit us at PAX Prime 2013 and thank you to all the fans who continue to support us. Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “PAX Prime Recap”

  1. Loved the booth at PAX!
    I am the winner of the BattleBlock Theater Ball Tournament who was dressed as Hatty Hattington. I was wondering if you guys ever checked out the levels that I designed and put up. It was called BlitzBrickArena, by BulimianRhapsdy, and contained every Arena gametype. I was hoping for some feedback from the level designer that I chatted with.

    Anyway, thanks for all the killer prizes! The Hatty keychain has made my keys unbelievably identifiable, the Honey Hug shirt is super soft, and the Behemoth Hat is excellent. Thanks for a PAX we will never forget!

    • Actually, I just saw that I got featured… FOR THE WRONG LEVELS! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
      The revamped, repaired, more accessible maps have been uploaded under “TheGlovesAre ON” by BulimianRhapsdy.

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