New Castle Crasher on PSN will leave you tickled Pink

You asked for it, and we listened. The single most requested character will be joining the battle on PSN on February 8th; in brand new additional content for Castle Crashers. We give you…. the Pink Knight!

Born out of popular demand, rumor, and Tom Fulp’s Beard, the Pink Knight is ready to bring the love in. The playable Pink Knight will come packed with the Lollipop and 4 other brand new additional weapons. Warning: Adorable.

The Pink Knight Pack will be available on PSN for $1.99 and 100% of The Behemoth’s revenue from Pink Knight pack sales will be donated to charities devoted to Breast Cancer Research.

Now before you become sad dear XBLA fans, remember Behemoth loves you too. We are working hard on a title update for XBLA that will feature the Pink Knight as a playable character as well. In the coming weeks we’ll have some more updates as to how and when this update will occur, and most importantly what will be included.  Rest assured, Pink Knight is coming for you too. With love.

21 thoughts on “New Castle Crasher on PSN will leave you tickled Pink”

  1. Pink Knight FTW! I’m really looking forward to for this new character! (While I wait for more news about Battleblocks Theater!

  2. Not into pink but i am into lolipops and cancer cures.

    But i got the xbox version since it came out first and 200 points onmy account to donate, ill save them. I hope it’s an even 200 points for the pink.

  3. awe that’s really great of you guys donating 😀
    I’m definelt ybuying it! was upset to see there was no lollipop but I didn’t argue 🙂
    xboxers can wait because psn has to wait for the new black ops maps xD
    at the desert on insane mode Ima keep hauling :O

  4. We want a release date for Battleblock Theater by popular demand. Why can’t you give that too us? I have a feeling that the pink knight was already made or easy to make so thats why you are releasing it.

    • Well, duh the pink night was easy to make. Design-wise, Dan probably just had to change a few colors, maybe animate new magic if it does have unique magic abilities. Probably didn’t take him long at all. Code-wise, essentially copy and paste. All the characters have the same basic functions to control them, so it’s not really hard to make new characters. They’re just releasing a kind of filler update while they make BattleBlock Theater the very best it can possibly be, and helping out a worthwhile charity at the same time.

      • I have a feeling that the Pink knight is going to play a bit different than the rest of the characters.

  5. Thank you, Behemoth. It’s really great that your offering this for PS3. I don’t have anything against Xbox, but it’s nice to get the dlc first sometimes. I’ll definitely anticipate Feb. 8.
    *cough ALIEN HOMINID HD PS3 cough*

  6. Sweet I this pink knight is making things better. one ?/suggestion A battle block theater DlC for Castle crasher,And maybe battle block theater Castle crasher DLC and Alien homind DLC maybe IDK If any one will read this but oh well U guys r becoming More awesome everyday!! XD can’t wait to finally play as the pink knight and not keep try to play as him/her on the tom fulp’s beard flash game.keep it up guys!!

  7. REALLY, omfg, im sorry but WTF. Im sad, the PSN gets it first 🙁 thats just not right. so how long will we have to wait?

  8. There seems to be more thumbs down on all comments than usual. Is it just me, or is a troll on here doing this?

  9. Come out with it already! WHEN is it coming out? You guys are killing me with the waiting game! I’ve already waited all month!

    <3 Behemoth

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