BattleBlock Theater – The “Official” Trailer

A story about friendship, betrayal, and a whole truck load of cats.

Having shipwrecked on a mysterious island you find yourself both betrayed by your best friend Hatty and captured by the locals. All of this is happening while being forced into deadly performances. This however, is just the start of your problems.

BattleBlock Theater is our upcoming third title for the Xbox Live Arcade. Website to follow in the next few days and as we inch closer to the release of the title we’ll be unfolding more of the story online.



33 thoughts on “BattleBlock Theater – The “Official” Trailer”

    • Aw this sucks. I thought Behemoth would start being cool to PlayStation Network gamers after the announcement of Castle Crashers. Looks like we’re stuck waiting again. ='[

      • This doesn’t “suck”, if they simultaneously made it for both systems it would take way too long, and if they did they probably wouldn’t be able to work on castle crashers for PSN (I only can find 2 friends who can play with me). No matter what behemoth does I will never dislike any decision beheometh makes (other than maybe titling a mode “Psub Xero is a n00b”).

      • You are making ps3 users like myself look bad. I too wait for CC to come out, but I also know that this company is working hard to do what they do best. I’m only glad that they don’t get annoyed with children crying about CC not being on their system, that they say forget it and pull it. Just wait. It will come to the ps3. Stop boo hooing about it.

  1. Yay! Any game 3 news is good news! The sort of puzzle co-op platforming looks really interesting, and it’s just BEGGING for a level editor. Cool title by the way, but I’ll probably still call it game 3 anyway.

  2. Really looking forward to this one – thought Castle Crashers was genius, and despite clocking it several times, keep coming back to it time and time again because it makes me laugh.

    Expecting for of the same from Game #3 (and yes, I think I’ll probably keep calling it that too!).

    So come on – when’s the release date? This half of the year? This quarter? THIS MONTH!? 😉

  3. This game looks unstoppable! Amazing work as always Behemoth! I esspecially liked the new animations for the raccoon monster! : )

  4. ive been waiting for the trailer to come out and its amazing. the music is good the characters are great and it has a well thought out story line. i expected nothing better from the behemoth. ( that and pie! ) lol

  5. Wow I would have never guessed that title. Also the level design looks amazing (not that the others didn’t look good the thought just popped in my head seeing the levels in the trailer). The story seems a bit dark though. Oh wait golden whale…. Bright story.

  6. Looks absolutely epic. The characters are so adorable, and everything about the game looks fun.
    Can’t wait.

  7. Well i started playimg castle crashers about a year ago… and since then i have got about a hundred kids playing it ….. it would be nice to know at least an eta on battleblock….. if you have sometime please reply.

  8. This game Looks awesome! The Characters cast looks diverse and the levels look very well thought out. Very nice visual presentation, can’t wait to Play. I always wanted to be a part of a Battle Theatre Performance.

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