Empty Promises – Weapons Dump

In the past few weeks we’ve released some more weapons in the random posts that we have put up. I was waiting until I had some free time on my hands to post all of them, but as Dan is forcing me to post this right now I guess we all benefit from it.Β  So here they are: Rat Beating Bat, Saracen Sword, and a Club!

Mr. Paladin also wanted to record a video of the Weapon’s Frog, and Animal Orb Ark. We ended up using this crappy video camera that our testers use to record bugs so please excuse the quality of the video. For a change we’ve included the audio commentary which includes Dan trying to tell me that my attempts at special effects would be distracting. Thanks Dan.

Weapon’s Frog and Animal Orb Ark w/ Audio Commentary


46 thoughts on “Empty Promises – Weapons Dump”

  1. Did the green knight have to drink a potion like Alice to get smaller, making everything seem larger when going in the places, or was that hallucinogens?

  2. lol, me and my friends tried that water squirt “special effect” in our amateur movie a few years back. We had this dream scene and it worked just as good as in this clip πŸ™‚

  3. Hey so in the video there was the ark thing and the frog, what about the tent in the background? Is that going to be something?

  4. Hey Dan, what do you use to draw all this? a tablet that cant show the screen of the computer or a tablet where you can see the screen on the tablet?

  5. i use a wacom intuos3 tablet. it has no screen on it, but it is awesome if you get used to it. i’ve tried the cintiqs (drawing onto the screen tablets) and has some success, but it felt like it’d take 2-3 weeks to become comfortable with it and i don’t have that kind of downtime! so i’ve never tried switching yet.

  6. About the release, (I can’t tell from the CC website because it pulls the timer from our system). Exactly what time is it released? Midnight on the 26th I’m assuming, but what timezone would it be using? I’m on a UK Pal console.

  7. Im pulling for the recrution tent as well. Although it would be pretty awsome if you actualy had bonus characters straped to the walls of the frog though :D.

    Also Emil I have a strobe light and a smoke machine that you can borrow to enhance our veiwing experiance although the water works well too πŸ™‚

  8. Smoke another one, fellas!

    : P


    I can’t wait to play this game…I’ve been preaching the word of the Crashers for months and months. Let’s do this. The points are sitting on my box just waiting.

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