Empty Promises – Weapons Dump

In the past few weeks we’ve released some more weapons in the random posts that we have put up. I was waiting until I had some free time on my hands to post all of them, but as Dan is forcing me to post this right now I guess we all benefit from it.Β  So here they are: Rat Beating Bat, Saracen Sword, and a Club!

Mr. Paladin also wanted to record a video of the Weapon’s Frog, and Animal Orb Ark. We ended up using this crappy video camera that our testers use to record bugs so please excuse the quality of the video. For a change we’ve included the audio commentary which includes Dan trying to tell me that my attempts at special effects would be distracting. Thanks Dan.

Weapon’s Frog and Animal Orb Ark w/ Audio Commentary


46 thoughts on “Empty Promises – Weapons Dump”

  1. all the animal orbs aren’t in the vid πŸ™ and im assuming when you unlock all the weapons the frog will be filled up instead of the empty spaces in between weapons.

  2. soz but see how much space wuz left in the wep frog (im naming him froggy)?! thats alot of weps…..

  3. Ummm… will that door at the end eventually break? Or do you need a key? It seemed based on previous vid’s that it took many people quite a while to break doors open.

  4. One question for you guys, are you going to go back and update the previously announced weapons with the actual stat values (like +1 or +2 instead of just “+ str”)?

  5. the weapons frog and animal ark are pretty much bare because it was a new game profile. also, we didn’t want to spoil any surprises of orbs or weapons that we haven’t released yet.

    they will be full of goodies as things are found.

  6. thank you so much dan! :D.

    who is that that was really loud at the beginning of the video?

    it sounded like marcus from mega64

  7. the weapons frog looks friggin fantastic!!!

    on a completely unrelated note, are there gonna be any easter eggs?

  8. Hey Dan or Emil I was wondering, is the Ark a place where you can go and get a specific animal orb or is it just showing off the ones you’ve collect. Also will the animals like walk around and interact with the other animals or is it them just floating in one place?

  9. Every time I watch video, read a blog entry, I get to learn something I didn’t know about the game, something that makes the game even better. Dang guys, can you just please take my money and so I can play the game already?

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