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A momentous performance in our new Monster Playlists!

Prepare Yourself for a Momentous Performance! New Monster Playlists made by us have now been unleashed into the world! Find it in BattleBlock Theater under Furbottoms Features for the next two weeks.

It’s Coming…The Behemoth Monster Playlists

Coming out 12/13/2013, the new monstrously packed solo and cooperative playlists made by us! We’re highlighting it in Furbottoms Features so that you can download the content for FREE in BattleBlock Theater.

Will Stamper – The Voice of BattleBlock Theater

We asked Will Stamper, narrator of BattleBlock Theater, to write on the topic of working with us at The Behemoth for BBT. He’ll give you his history with us, give you a few tips on voice acting & discuss his process for BBT. (Reposted 11/25/2013)