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The Many Pieces of BattleBlock Theater

       BattleBlock Theater has been showcased in different forms over the past few years at tradeshows such as PAX, Comic-Con and Tokyo Game Show. We first revealed the game’s Arena Modes at PAX East in 2010, and in more recent years we moved on to featuring levels that you might see in the… Read more »

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BattleBlock Theater – Theater Design

As we continue our development for BattleBlock Theater, we are reminded that it is the little details that end up having the most impact. Back in the early stages of development for BattleBlock Theater (circa 1870) we had a very different visual approach to how the exterior of our theater would look. The video below… Read more »

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The man in the Whisper Room

The Whisper Room. Sounds like the perfect title for a horror film, doesn’t it?   Actually, this cubicle-sized room is used for sound recordings. The inner walls of the room have been padded down to help soundproof the booth. Its main function is to keep external noises from affecting the recordings, which will be put… Read more »

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