BattleBlock Theater, progress progresses

So though we’ve been talking a lot lately about Castle Crashers coming to PS3, all the while we’ve been quietly working away on BattleBlock Theater for XBLA.  We’ve got all sorts of things we’d like to start sharing with you about the game. We are still adding tons of stuff,  and changing things around all the time so please keep in mind anything we share with you is all subject to change or maybe you dreamed it.   It’s all part of the development process! Please share this magical journey with us.

These things we speak of?  New ways for players to interact, and by interact we mean kill each other. Or maybe we mean help each other. The two are so confusing…  We’ve also been exploring some new AI characters, exciting new deaths, new block types,  glorious new weaponry (with gloriously balanced previous weaponry),  and experimenting with ways to better the modes.  We’ll share some of these things with you as soon as we polish ’em up.  Emil is currently and has been in a state of non-stop vomit so we were unable to produce a video for this particular day.  Get well soon mister Emil!

While I was pacing outside wondering what we could share,  I found this newspaper on the stoop:

this just in!

18 thoughts on “BattleBlock Theater, progress progresses”

  1. Awesome, i wish i had an Xbox for this but still exciting that Behemoth is still going hard, (FEEL BETTER EMIL!!!)

      • Can you xbox trolls stop being so ignorant. YOU HAD THE GAME 2 MORE YEARS THAN US.
        and hopfully they will give you the same stuff in time.
        The behemoth is the most friendly game making company i know about and i love them for that.

        sorry for my bad english.

      • Can u make BBT an XBLA exclusive and give the PSN guys a better Alien Hominid or something? 😛 ( A longer story would make up 4 it, instead of only having 14 levels )

  2. Maybe throwing Emil will help him. Thanks for the story in the paper I love the moral. This explains why so many of my friends have exploded.

  3. I think this is great. If things turn out great for battle block theatre the behmoth can rise and take over the entire WORLD! mohaha.
    No but in the serius mather, i feel good for all xbox users and if the time comes maby it will be realsed to psn to whit allot of extra features of cores just like cc. (joking) So we are gona se how this game grows.
    We are happy about all the information given to us. thx behemoth and thx kelly <3

  4. You say, “Toss me!” We ask, “How high, where, I thought I was getting the wings?”


  5. And you xbox people say Behemoth forgot about you….shame shame shame shame…….. On a happy note, I’ll be telling my roomie to get this when it comes out so I can steal his xbox and play it >:)

    • Please! The most exciting update would be a release date.
      (Or a predicted release date….)

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