Pit People Fan Art Contest Winners!

The winners of the Newgrounds’ Pit People Art contest have been decided!

I have to say, this was really difficult to choose. Everything was great and had a lot of effort put in. I felt it was only fair to have some honorable mentions to go along with the post. The rules were 10 winners only and we got around five times that to choose from.

These winners are not in any particular order. Check out my comments on the 10 winning entries and honorable mentions, which are posted on Newgrounds!

There are a lot more wonderful entries, that you can see on Newgrounds. Again, thank you everyone so much for participating! This was really fun to look through. All the renditions are awesome and I’m always a fan of fresh takes!


BattleBlock Theater 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Five years ago, we launched our 3rd game, BattleBlock Theater, on XBLA! We took the platformer genre and inserted our humor & art style into this game; This game where players run around an abandoned theater being forced to do stage plays by evil and technologically advanced felines.

Since then, we’ve also brought it to Windows, Linux, and Mac OS in the STEAM version!

With the 5th Anniversary coming up on April 3rd, we thought it’d be fun to have a couple giveaways and an event on the day of:

Instagram Giveaway

We’re giving away 5 Buckle Your Pants tees on Instagram! Follow us on Instagram & tag a friend in the comments of this post, be sure to tag someone who you think would like BattleBlock Theater. Each person you tag is an entry into our giveaway.

Enter by 12PM PDT on April 3, 2018 and we’ll choose 5 qualified entrants on April 4th. Winners will be notified over Instagram direct message.

BattleBlock Theater Speed Runs

April 3rd from 9AM-5PM PDT

We’ve invited 4 BattleBlock Theater speedrunners to show off their skills in our event on April 3rd. See who can complete all 8 chapters in BattleBlock Theater with the fastest time! The runner with the fastest time will get an autographed BBT item from our team and bragging rights.

9AM-11AM PDT Storm_AT
11AM-1PM PDT bhayward2000
1PM-3PM PDT themibulous
3PM-5PM PDT GameguySd

Catch their live streams on their Twitch channels and cheer them on! They’ll also be giving away codes for BattleBlock Theater, so don’t miss the chance to get a copy of the game.

(We’ll also be auto-hosting each stream on our channel but we encourage you to follow their channels to support them and for the chance to win a copy of BBT. Each channel will have their own rules on how to potentially win a code.)

PAX East 2018 – Gift Shop at Booth 14005

In less than two weeks, we’ll be in Boston with a few thousand gamers at a lovely event called PAX East. While a huge section of our booth will be housing our custom built arcade cabinets and hosting a Pit People event on Day 2 & Day 3, we’ve got a fairly sizable Gift Shop we’re posting up as well!

This year, we’re bringing a few new items that you won’t want to miss out on! Below is the Mega List of Merch: