Pit People Update 2 – Out Now on Xbox One and Steam

The World Tour update for Pit People is now up on Xbox One and Steam! This update primarily focuses on the Worldmaps and Tournaments in Pit People. To see the full changelist, click on the platform you play on:

Xbox One – Pit People Update 2 Changelist

Steam – Pit People Update 2 Changelist

We’ve also started working on Update 3, which will be called “Emperor’s Orders”. A potential Update 3 Road Map has been posted in our Steam forums, but many of the features will be the same in the Xbox One version. There are two new features being introduced, so be sure to check out the link!

This list is going to change primarily because it will have new developments on it that are not listed (and there is also a small chance some of these features will be shifted to Update 4) but this should give a good overall idea of what’s being worked on!

As always, Story is being worked on heavily alongside these updates. However, a main story drop will not be ready for Update 3. No date has been set for Update 3’s drop.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section of the Road Map!

PAX East 2017 Mega Merch Reveal

2017 is going to be a year filled with Pit People and PAX East is just one of many events we’ll have centered around our fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure! At PAX East Booth #14005, we’re bringing you daily Pit People Tournaments and lots of new Pit People merch. See the MEGA MERCH list below:


PAX East 2017 – First Ever Pit People Tournament of Attendees!

Turn your turn based abilities into some turn based butt-kicking and awesome prizes at PAX East!!!

Have you been itching to show the world your Pit People combat skills? Well, we are itching to itch you see what you’ve got in our competitive, single elimination tournament. No co-op play here, just head to head 1v1 fights. You lose? You’re out! So get prepared to be laughed at by the 15 other daily competitors! Assemble your randomly generated team and fight like the champion you know you are! YAY! Victory could be yours! Win PRIZES like a trip to visit the ISS!**