Pit People VO Spotlight: Monica Franco

Through mutual friends I’ve come to know Monica and her voice work. The vocal roles I needed filled weren’t the same sort of flavor as what others usually request of her. We had her working remotely for this one, so I’d give my rundown of what these characters are like and then wait for the magic! Monica nailed it on her first attempt.

The Gorgons are confident ladies who follow Greek mythology pretty closely. The Pit People Gorgons are a little confident, a little alluring, and a little mysterious. I think Monica nailed the vibe I was looking for which was potentially one of the most difficult roles on Pit People.

Monica also voiced Pandora, who is Pipistrella’s sibling. Pandora isn’t phased too much by most things, and might fit description of a tomboy overall. She wields a mace, along with her tiny tiara over partially combed hair.

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Power-up! Inside Video Games with The Behemoth

Two of our games are currently exhibiting in the Fleet Science Center as part of the traveling Game Masters exhibition. Since the Fleet is in San Diego, we’ve been working with them to do events while the exhibition is in town.

Our team with Andrea Decker from the Fleet Science Center

Yesterday, we went to the Fleet Science Center to kick off their first talk in their series: Power-Up! Inside Video Games. Big thanks to Andrea Decker, from the Fleet, for working with us to put this together in their huge IMAX theater!

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Here’s a quick recap of what we saw and what we did during our latest visit to the Fleet:

SDCC 2017 – Behemoth + Friends Recap

San Diego Comic Con 2017 is now over! We had such a blast hanging out with our friends this year. The Behemoth + Friends booth was absolutely a success and we were so lucky to have been able to pull it off with the help of all the devs in attendance.

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Behemoth + Friends group shot



It was our 15th year and we wanted to do something special this Comic Con.

We invited some of our friends to show off their latest games because over the years the number of playable video game titles on the show floor has been declining. Mega-merch booths now rule the far end of Hall A, with just a few games for attendees to play. While Comic Con has never billed itself as a competitor to the Penny Arcade Expo, we felt our booth should help breathe a little life and variety back into the video game section of the show.

Here’s a closer look at each of our friends’ games and the devs who came to the show: