Website Updates

We’ve been updating the website for the past few weeks and have finally finished enough of the changes to go live. At first glance nothing really looks different, but there are quite a few new things to look at, so here we go:

  • Front page is now supported in 9 Languages!
  • Alien Hominid HD Downloadable Content section has been added. Check out all of the PDA Level Packs and Gamer Pictures we offer on the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • News Archive has been updated
  • Comic-Con pages have been catalogued and listed by year
  • Weekly Leaderboard winners have been branched off in their own section under the News Archive
  • Alien Hominid Fan Art has been brought back, there are some good ones too!

As our 5th year at Comic-Con approaches, we are getting extremely busy here at the office. Preparing for Comic-Con usually takes most of our focus and energy, but we love going every year and meeting our fans. If you want to make it out this year our booth number is #4529, so be sure to come by and celebrate our 5 year Anniversary at the Con. We’re going to have new merchandise to sell, playable demos of both Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid, and tons of other surprises.

Week 11 Winners

Week 11 winners are now up! xx DeftNinja xx takes the monthly PDA top spot, barely taking the lead with a 100 point lead, it was a real close win and pretty exciting to watch. Of course by watch I mean refreshing the leaderboards, but whatever. Lord Nicholai takes the top Alien Hominid HD spot and we have Kijdhefgi taking the All You Can Eat win, and for having the most creative frustrating name to type out.

Also, we would like to mention that the guys over at Gastronaut Studios have released a slew of new items for their XBLA title Small Arms. With two new characters, two new levels, and various other game updates, we highly recommend you check it out.

Week 10 Winners

New winners this week for both Alien Hominid and All You Can Eat. We have Lord Nicholai taking the top spot in the main game category and XShagrath blowing away the competition with over 1000 bowls eaten!

Comic-Con 2007 is approaching quickly, and we are getting more and more into the hectic planning stages for the show. This year will be our 5 year anniversary at the show and it will be one of the largest booths we’ve put together. As always, congratulations to all the winners and good luck to everyone else.