21 thoughts on “Castle Crashers PS3 !!”

  1. SWEET! Can you also please consider – I mean, I command you to bring Alien Hominid HD to PS3 (though I’d settle on a PSP port)! Yeah, so what if I already own it on GameCube? I’ll buy it again.

  2. Outstanding! I loved Alien Hominid on the PS2 and I have been eagerly waiting for this announcement for a long time. Thankyou to everyone who is making this happen.

  3. I cant believe you guys would sell out like that. I would have thought both Alien Hominid HD and Castle Crashers sold very well on Xbox 360. I love your games and enjoyed each one. This makes me and a ton of other Xbox fans somewhat disappointed that one of their favorite XBLA developer, is bringing PSN owners what we daringly loved and played exclusively on the 360. I loved saying to my friends how awesome XBLA is because of exclusive games like Alien Hominid HD and Castle Crashers.

    • Come on man cut us PS3 players some slack. You guys have gotten L4D, GtaIV DLC, Fallout 3 DLC, Halo, Gears of War, and plenty of other quality titles while all we get are a few good games and MAYBE some DLC for games. I don’t think one XBLA title is going to kill the 360’s sales. Also you’re acting like a fanboy yourself.

  4. The really cool for the PS3 owners. But i’m a 360 owner and I really hope if they put some extra content on the ps3 version that the content will also be available on the 360 cause I love that game and I want it complete πŸ™‚

  5. First of all I am very happy this is really an amazing game and I have always wanted to play it. This is a first day purchase!

    Wow this is pathetic, are you a stock holder or something? Won’t see why would this affect you. You’re just a fanboy…

  6. I agree w/ vindoo, I hope any new content comes out of XBLA as well, I can’t wait for game #3 omg!!!


    I played this over at my girlfriend’s friend’s house, and it was so totally awesome. It made me sad that it would be a game I would never have because I have a PS3. But now this is going to be awesome! The second it comes out, I am so buying this. Twice.

    They didn’t “sell out.” I don’t remember them ever saying they were exclusive to XBox (as evidenced by Alien Hominid and Braid). They’re just pursuing a path that (for them) is profitable. You’re just the worst kind of fanboy who wants to lord how much greater your console choice is than everyone else’s. So, in a way, this is probably the most fitting punishment for you.

  8. *In my best Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson voice*

    “Finally! THE BEHEMOTH has come back to PLAYSTATION!”
    (I wish you guys a great launch on the PS3)

  9. Narkomanden and Mattman are just two dumb fanboys. All I was stating is that this is disappointing news for us Xbox owners because we cant mention this game anymore as a reason to purchase a 360. Their is a reason why exclusivity was invented and thats what makes a certain console more appealing. Hardly anyone would have cared if God of War was multiplat or if Gears of War was multiplat. Its the reason why their exclusive that makes us gamers interested in them and gives us gamers a reason to be proud of the console we respectively chose.

    p.s honestly, how well do you think Castle Crashers would sell on PSN? Not much if you ask me. Instead of spending time porting this over to PSN where its hardly ever going to sell, they could be focusing on their upcoming 3rd game or even another project entirely.

    • Why wouldn’t it sell well on PSN? There are plenty of people (including me) who’ve wanted to play Castle Crashers but don’t have an XBox. I’m definitely buying it. I’m just not sure why you think it’ll hardly sell.

      Also: WiiWare port next? πŸ˜›

  10. I couldn’t agree more with what awahl said. It would be fantastic to see Castle Crashers on Wiiware. After all, you guys should have a tight enough bond with Nintendo, since Alien Hominid came out on both the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance.

  11. sorry but the thing that say NEWP4TH is true “gives us gamers a reason to be proud of the console we respectively chose”.

    but if the behemoth wants to release CC for PS3 is ok i dont have problem.

    dan, you are the best!!!

    • “Be proud of the console we respectively chose”??? WTF Really man, get a life! This is business, you make it sounds like if it was a matter of nationalism.

  12. I cant believe Behemoth would do that (referring to them adding content to PS3 version). They seemed a lot different then other game companies. If they at least put it on the XBL marketplace as an add-on for people to buy, I’d accept that. I’d even get it. But it feels like were being betrayed. I mean, we were the ones who made it popular and gave them the attention they deserve. But the fact that they actually are doing this seriously makes me not love this game the way I used to.


    Anyway, you PS3 folk should get it. Great game.

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