Thanks a million!

Today is an awesome day! Less than 10 months after the game’s release I have witnessed 1,000,000 of my friends on the Castle Crashers leaderboards!


This is really big news! Thanks to you guys Castle Crashers has become the fastest growing XBLA game in history! And saved marriages. AMAZING! I am amazed.

For those of you who might not have been following — we had a contest running to see who could have guessed the date of when the leaderboards reached 1,000,000. Well, today I shall announce that DenisDenis has won by guessing 1:00 PM PST today (June 22). You can’t really get a lot closer than that. Did he go into the future??? I’m not sure. It happened at 12:57 PM, just 3 minutes off!!!!

WAIT – he DID go into the future! Kelly just showed me his post: (“no need to check, I’m back from the future – might as well give me the grand prize right now”)

Right, well, after DenisDenis tells us who wins the superbowl he shall be winning the following Grand Prize Cluster of Wonder:

– Custom Castle Crashers Xbox Elite (not the ones we posted before – those were a gift to us from Microsoft!)

– the ultra super limited edition castle (only 50 made)

– a REAL bronze knight figurine!

– a personalized DAN PALADIN drawing

– other random items


Thanks everyone who has played and enjoyed our game! I hope to see you all at San Diego Comic-Con where we can jump around and screech like small school children (unless you are a small school child, in which case you can scream like a manatee or a pterodactyl)!