PAX East 2017 – Day 2 Recap

Our bustling booth on Day 2 of PAX East 2017. Click here to see all pics from Day 2

The second day of PAX East 2017 was another excellent day filled with great people and gaming at our booth.

Attendees playing Castle Crashers Remastered on our custom-built arcade cabinet

This Castle Crashers arcade cabinet has been with us at almost every PAX East we’ve been to and always attracts attention from the attendees. This year was no exception! Thank you to all the people who have shown it some love in the past seven years!

Hatty Hattington cosplay

We also had a visit from Hatty on Saturday! He was looking dapper as always.

What’s everyone looking at?

At 2PM, attendees gathered around our Pit People stations again for another Pit People Tournament of Attendees! Here’s a closer look at the Day 2 Tournament:

PAX East 2017 – Day 1 Recap

Top view of our booth right before our Press Breakfast. (See Day 1 Flickr Album)

 What a fantastic start to another PAX East! We started bright and early on Friday morning with our annual Press Breakfast that we host at our booth.

Our friend, Violet, and our co-founder, John, running the check-in table

 Press came by during the Press Hour to get coffee, pastries, and the latest info on our games! Then the expo hall opened to everyone at 10AM and everything was in full swing.

Our Gift Shop opened up with lots of merch, including a variety of new Pit People merch.

Our arcade cabinets were booted up and ready for free play. These are all custom built in our warehouse and have been traveling with us to all the cons!

The Chonku Chonku machines returned as well, carrying PAX Pinny Arcade pins and Castle Crashers mini-figurines! This year, the pins are $10 BOGO (that’s buy-one-get-one free)! Get them while they last because we only make a limited amount of each pin series.

Pit People Tournament of Attendees – Day 1

 Today was also the day we held our first tournament for our first-ever Pit People Tournament of Attendees! It’s a daily tournament with sign ups every morning of PAX East and the matches start at 2PM each day of PAX.

The intense battles of 16 tournament contestants spanned for hours, but only one participant remained victorious in the Pit!

Congrats to Oskar “Big O” Augustowski on getting first place! Woooooo!


Check out those sweet 1st & 2nd place engraved trophies! 2nd place went to Charles “In Charge” Harlow!

 Finally, if you missed the live stream earlier today, we’ve got the link to the Pit People segment on Xbox Daily Show.

A behind-the-scenes look at the Xbox Daily Show. You can see Ian playing Pit People on the side!

 Our co-founder, John Baez, spoke with Chris Charla and Andy Lunique of Xbox. There was talk of PAX, of Behemoth’s work philosophies, Pit People, and even waffle irons. See the Pit People segment here.

Pit People Update 2 – Out Now on Xbox One and Steam

The World Tour update for Pit People is now up on Xbox One and Steam! This update primarily focuses on the Worldmaps and Tournaments in Pit People. To see the full changelist, click on the platform you play on:

Xbox One – Pit People Update 2 Changelist

Steam – Pit People Update 2 Changelist

We’ve also started working on Update 3, which will be called “Emperor’s Orders”. A potential Update 3 Road Map has been posted in our Steam forums, but many of the features will be the same in the Xbox One version. There are two new features being introduced, so be sure to check out the link!

This list is going to change primarily because it will have new developments on it that are not listed (and there is also a small chance some of these features will be shifted to Update 4) but this should give a good overall idea of what’s being worked on!

As always, Story is being worked on heavily alongside these updates. However, a main story drop will not be ready for Update 3. No date has been set for Update 3’s drop.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section of the Road Map!