Five thousand giveaway DLC codes, Dan’s birthday

We are giving away 5,000 DLC codes on our devblog, twitter, forums, and our facebook groups! Five thousand! If you are interested in grabbing one just check Emil’s post below!! I want to thank everyone for all of the great gifts on my birthday. I am pretty sure you guys have set a record well… Read more »

Easter and Sushi

Happy Easter! You know, i’ve felt like we need some kind of an update on here. Maybe you’ve felt the same way? If so, we’re totally on the same wavelength. Right on. I recently discovered this great Bento work by Anna the red. She has some really nice things to say about Castle Crashers. Thanks,… Read more »

title update info/video/artworks

Hi everyone!  The title update is going wonderfully.  Soon wonder will be achieved!!!!  You can quote me on that!  SOON, WONDER WILL BE ACHIEVED.  Okay so I’m not really sure exactly what the current status is but I hear the programmers, the testers, and Emil are very happy with the results.  This makes me pleased. … Read more »