PAX East 2015 – Day 3

In a flash, it’s over. PAX East 2015 ended and all we’re left with are warm memories of a cold city. Day 3 was especially eventful because we added a Super Soviet Missile Mastar (Sunday Funday) High Score Contest!

PAX East 2015 - SSMM Winner

The person who showed us the highest score by 4pm received a full set of pins from our Series 4 set. Can you believe that this gentleman here hit 33,173?! Great job, Ronald!
In the early afternoon, a few of us took a quick break to go support our Research Centaur UX+QA Director, Lindsay, as she spoke on the panel called “Includification: 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Game Accessible.” (You go, Lindsay!)
We also added another autograph signing for a chance to meet & greet with Tom and Will! (By the way, it was Will’s birthday on this last day of PAX East! Leave him a birthday message below if you love himmmmm!)

You can see all the photos of the signing and other Day 3 event photos HERE.

Overall, it was another amazing year in Boston. Thanks to the attendees who took the time to play our demo of Game 4 and thanks to those who supported us by purchasing our official merch at the gift shop! We really travel thousands of miles and brave the cold for you guys and gals.
Check out our video recap of the expo by our friend, Paul:

In case you missed it, here’s the set up video he edited for us as well:

Thanks again, PAX East! ‘Til next time…

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