The Research Centaur & New Gold Egg Project Recipient

All of our projects have been like virtual babies to us. As independent video game developers ourselves, we understand the importance of raising those projects from conception to physical reality in the industry. Trust us, we know babies.


This past decade as an independent video game developer has been a blessing to us and we want to share our resources with fellow developers in need. This is why we’ve created two new subdivisions of our company: The Research Centaur and Gold Egg Project.




Our in-house test and user experience teams have been around for a few years, but we’d like to announce that we’re making our UX+QA services available to external development teams too. (Hurray!) We call this branch of our family The Research Centaur. Why, you ask?


Because it’s staffed by 100% real, live Centaurs.


Or… because The Research Centaur boasts both experienced user experience and QA professionals, housed separately from The Behemoth studios. It’s a beautiful mash-up of perception and technicality, of play and methodology, of Research… and Centaur.


We’ve helped a few devs already, like Alientrap (Apotheon), Supergiant (Transistor & Bastion iOS), Capybara Games (Super Time Force), and The Behemoth (our own games, duh!). We take a boutique approach, working with a limited number of developers each year. Since we’re developers, we understand that quality of service and communication are paramount.


Please visit the Centaur’s website if you’d like to learn more about us and our services!



The Gold Egg Project is an alternative funding option for game developers with great ideas and a proven demo or game in progress. Born out of necessity and past experience, it provides an optional lifeboat in the sea of scary options currently out there. It’s your game, we just clear the roadblocks. No strings attached.


We’re excited to announce our latest recipient of the Gold Egg Project is Asteroid Base for their upcoming game, “Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.” We noticed the in-development project at PAX Prime when they received a PAX 10 award.
About the game:
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a frantic local co-op platformer-inside-a-shooter, in which players work together piloting a bright pink battleship to save planets, explore the galaxy, and fight evil robots. Players must dash back and forth between the ship’s control stations, manning turrets, lasers, shields and thrusters in order to dodge asteroids, blast enemies and liberate planets. The game could be described as Jumpman meets Asteroids meets Han saying “Don’t get cocky.”



Go check out Asteroid Base at PAX East 2014! They’ll be showing off their games at the Indie MEGABOOTH so visit Booth 776.
While we do not currently take requests for specific games to become a Gold Egg Project recipient, we pay attention to the myriad of video game competitions that exist and contact video game developers who catch our eye.