A World of Pit People Sales! Deals on Games and Figurines

Far off places, daring journeys, questionable companions… all hallmarks of an adventure through the great and grand open world, and all hallmarks of the great and grand Pit People!

It’s only fitting that Pit People will be going on a quest, in which it joins up to become a part of Steam’s Open World Sale! For a short trip from May 27, 2021 through May 31, 2021, Pit People will be on sale for 56% off of its regular price! Round numbers are boring, so enjoy that extra 6%. You’re welcome.

And of course, why would you ever explore the great big open world without the physical embodiments of your closest companions at your side? From May 27, 2021 through May 31, 2021 (the same dates, conveniently!), you can also get 50% off the entire assortment of Pit People Figurines in our online merch store.

We’ll be seeing you in the Pit, hopefully with a new little buddy in tow! Although, the pit itself is not exactly… open, since it’s got walls and all. Huh. Well, it’s open air. That’s still open world enough, right?

So Very Scary Merch Sale!

It’s the season of spookies and scaries, and we’re turning up the fear factor to SO very scary for our So Very Scary Merch Sale.

From October 26th through October 31st, the most villainous selected merchandise from our store will be available for scary good prices!

If you’re a fan of raising the dead, check out our Necromancer collection. If you’re a fan of the just dead, then take a peek at our Series 2 Skeleton Figurine. Those items and more have had their prices brutally slashed, all to celebrate Halloween.

See all of the tricks and treats at store.thebehemoth.com, and be sure to haunt the store before the sale ends on October 31st!

And as one more spooky side note, remember to get your entries in for this year’s Behemoth Halloween Contest! You could win a bundle of treats by making a spooky Behemoth Halloween drawing, or drawing a Halloween costume on our Behemoth chicken and sharing a picture on social media with the hashtag #BehemothHalloween. No tricks when it comes to this one — you can get the details on our drawing contest right here