RTX 2015 – Day 3 & Tear Down

Behemoth Team @ RTX 2015
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Our last day of RTX 2015 finished successfully with tons of visitors coming by to play our games and to chat with us before heading out.
A few attendees even came back to play Pit People for a second time since our RTX demo has a second part that can be accessed if you can pass the quiz. The quiz should be easy for anyone who has played the first part of the demo since it relies on knowledge learned from playing through from start to finish in part 1. Players who tried out part 2 got a chance to see more of the world map and take up some quests!

Right before the last hour of the expo, we did our final raffle to give away a Hatty Hattington plush tissue cover and Pink Knight figurine. Then, before we even realized the time, the Guardians began shuffling attendees out while singing “Na, na, na, na…hey, hey, hey! Good bye!”

We went straight into tearing down the booth at 6PM and worked our butts off as quickly as we could. We managed to break down everything with our 6-person team within 3.5 hours! Woohoo!

Now, we’re safely back in San Diego. Thanks again to everyone who came by to say hi to our team and to play our games!