PAX Prime 2012 – Set Up Day 1

A little to the left. A little higher. Projector screen looks perfect!

Let’s shift these boxes over towards the SpyParty booth just for a bit while we set up the Gift Shop. Move those tables next to the crates by the Firefall booth.

Things are constantly shifting and changing during set up. We’re provided a 50×20 sq ft area of empty space with just black carpeting to mark our boundaries. In one day, the open spot in the convention center is easily transmogrified into a semi-functional booth with plenty of man-made temporary structures for all of our merchandise and games.

We created a protected area for our tripod and left the camera shooting for eleven hours straight with a photo taken every thirty seconds or so. You can probably imagine how difficult that is with so many forklifts roaming around and stuff being moved left and right. But we did it! We’re happy to present to you our time lapse video of our PAX Prime 2012 Behemoth Booth #3003 set up!

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Day 2 and Day 3 of PAX East 2012

Missed us at PAX East? Here are some more photos from the last two days of PAX East 2012 at The Behemoth booth. Also mixed into the gallery of pics are our tear down photos. After waving goodbye to the attendees, we sat around to have our tear down meeting. Fueled only by pizza and coffee, the team shed blood and sweat (pictures to prove it!) as we broke down our booth in six hours. Good times.