BattleBlock Theater at PAX Omegathon

Tonight at 7:30PM until 8:30PM in the Serpent Theater, the players of the Omegathon will be battling in BattleBlock Theater for ROUND 2. Make sure to check it out! We’ll be there and there may be a special appearance by someone from BBT …

Oh and check out this little anecdote that our PAX friends posted about having BattleBlock Theater in the Omegathon:

True story: At PAX East 2013, we were worried that the SECRET FINAL ROUND game of Spaceteam wouldn’t survive the torrent of invisible mega-beams shooting out of 6,000 nearby mobile devices to keep a stable game running. The awesome dudes over at the Behemoth heard our plight and offered BattleBlock Theater as a backup, but because we are stupid and dumb, we ended up not using BattleBlock and were overrun with the most intense infestation of Space Rats ever known to man. Fast forward to today, where we still love BattleBlock and figured it should be an Omegathon game ANYWAY because of how great it is. History lesson over. 16 contestants enter, and 12 will leave.