Castle Crashers Remastered Physical Pre-orders Open Monday

Whether you’re an avid games collector or just want to hold a physical copy of a BEHEMOTH CHICKEN GAME in your tiny little beak, we have just the news for you! Pre-orders for the physical edition of Castle Crashers Remastered for Nintendo Switch begin Monday, September 18th in our online store.

The game will cost $29.99 and include a sticker pack and character unlock guide as extras! Pre-orders will be live until October 18th, and shipment will begin in November. Orders will be limited to two copies per person to ensure we can spread the love of Crashing Castles with as many players as possible.

See you Monday, knights!

Castle Crashers Remastered Hits the Nintendo Brazil eShop!

Today, we’ve got some exciting news for our fans in Brazil! Castle Crashers Remastered is now available on the Nintendo Switch through the Brazil eShop, which means you can kick off your own knightly adventure!

Just open up the Nintendo eShop on your Switch, search for Castle Crashers Remastered, download the game, and you’ll be set and ready to play! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, but possibly with more steps and less actual numbers along the way.

We hope you have a blast on your new (or repeated) Castle Crashing adventure! Now get going — the Kingdom won’t save itself, y’know.