Gold Free Play Days on Xbox and Sales Galore

If you’re tired of baking loaves of bread or trying to learn those hip new social media dances (what’s a “Tik Tok” anyway?) then we’ve got something cool for you to do!

From today, May 14th through May 17th, Castle Crashers Remastered will be completely free to play for all Xbox Live Gold Members! Gather up some friends and smash through the game together at no cost.

If you try it and decide you want to add it to your arsenal of games, we have good news — Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox will also be available for purchase at 60% off from May 14th through the 24th.

“But what about your other games? What if I need MORE super incredible amazing co-op action to share with my friends!?”

We hear you, and we certainly wouldn’t want to leave the rest of our games completely out of the fun. That’s why starting on May 19th (also running through May 24th), BattleBlock Theater and Pit People for Xbox will be on sale for 60% off.

“Okay, but now that I have the games how can I show people just how much I love them? If only there was some physical manifestation of these weird and wonderful video game creations…”

Okay, okay. If you insist. Running the WHOLE WAY THROUGH, from May 14th through May 24th, you can get 20% off of any item in our merch store and 50% off Pit People figurines! Just be sure to use code GIDDYUP at checkout. (We wanted to be cowboys, so now we are. Yeehaw!)

Times are funky, as proven by the fact that I just used this blog post to have a (mostly coherent, slightly embellished) conversation with myself — but that’s okay. We just want to keep bringing as much fun to people’s faces as we can. <3

The Behemoth’s Free Play Week on Steam

We know times have been a little bit weird lately. We also know that you’re probably trapped inside trying not to go all WWE SmackDown on your siblings or roommates, or that you’re maybe trying to convince yourself that it’s very cool and normal to be having full on conversations with yourself or the cat. It’s cool, we’ve been there. Some of us ARE there. And that’s why we want to help by giving you something fun to do!

From today until 10 AM PT on April 1st, 2020, all of our games will be completely free to play on Steam. If you’re looking for a something to do with your family or a fun way to catch up with your buddies online, we got you with our catalog of PC co-op games: Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and Pit People.

If you missed out on playing any one of our games, now is the perfect time to give it a whirl! There’s no catch, other than the fact that you’ll have to download them (but that’s pretty standard).

If you do happen to fall in love with one of our games and decide you want to keep it for yourself, all of our games will be on sale. Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater will be discounted by 80%, and Pit People will be 40% off.

If you play through the games in the week they’re free, that’s totally okay! Heck, you should beat ’em while they’re free! Enjoy, it’s our treat. We don’t want you to feel like you need to buy our games during this crazy time, and we do sales year-round; we just wanted to be sure that anyone who does want to buy them can get a sweet deal.

Stay happy, stay healthy, we love you.