Alien vs. Alien Hominid Fan Art Contest

Update (6/11/2012):

CONGRATS to Tayseanpwnssandsharkattack, and natchbox on having their art selected as Top Three. They will be receiving movie tickets and a Super Soviet Missile Mastar t-shirt! Also, great job to all the entries/contestants. FEL was our lucky raffle winner and he’ll be receiving the Alien Anthology box set, movie tickets and the SSMM t-shirt!

You’ve probably seen tons of images of Alien vs. Predator, but we haven’t seen enough images of Alien vs. Alien Hominid! Show us your craziest, funniest, most creative fan art drawings. Who will be popping out of whose chest? Will there be head-chomping involved? We can’t wait to see!

Fan art
Artist: Sabrina (Sabtastic) @

Enter the contest by registering as a Behemoth Community member and post your artwork in this forum thread:

Submit your artwork by June 8, 2012 at noon PST. Three artworks will be selected to win two movie tickets to see Prometheus and a Super Soviet Missile Mastar t-shirt. ALL SUBMISSIONS are entered to win a gift set: Box-set of Alien Anthology, two movie tickets to see Prometheus and a Super Soviet Missile Mastar t-shirt. One entry will be randomly selected and awarded the gift set prize. Limit one entry per person into online raffle.

This offer is not valid if your parents/legal guardians do not want you to participate, so be sure to ask them first. In addition the following people are not eligible for awards or trophies:

  1. Behemoth/Newgrounds/Microsoft/VMC employees or their respective family. (Sorry Dan P and Eric H)
  2. It is also not valid if you live in a region/locale/state that does not allow for these types of activities, please check your local laws, blah, blah, blah.

What are my chances?
MU-TH-R 182: Does not compute. Insufficient data.

Take your chances to win the Alien Anthology box set!

(Edit: We’re extending the contest to Friday! So submit your work on the forums by June 8th, noon PST)

Alien [Hominid] Week

In celebration of the upcoming film Prometheus, Xbox LIVE is showcasing alien themed games all week, including our very own Alien Hominid HD.

So we’re joining in on the festivities with fun alien-related activities all week. First, follow us as we go back in time―like Will Smith in MIB3―and relive our favorite moments from the development of Alien Hominid to post release events.

In addition to the memories, The Behemoth will be doing contests to bring you several opportunities to score tickets to Prometheus, which is set to release on June 8th in the U.S., win some merchandise by The Behemoth and even enter to get a box set of the Alien Anthology!

Images from “Prometheus” (Left), “Alien Hominid HD” (Center), and “Alien” (Right)

In the next few days leading up to the big U.S. premiere of Prometheus, we’ll be bringing some surprises that even Mother can’t predict.