Alien Hominid 2 Years Ago

Happy 2nd anniversary Alien Hominid!

Two years ago this week Alien Hominid crash landed on PS2’s and GameCubes across America!!!! If you never bought a copy, go grab one now….unless you own an Xbox 360, then we suggest you wait a little longer until the Alien Hominid HD release. It’s been a wild, hair raising ride since launch. We’ve been around the globe meeting with publishers, the press, and most importantly, our fans! Pictured below is photo I took in Shanghai when I was part of the GameConnection Asia trip, one of the most memorable trips I’ve had the opportunity to go on. In Shanghai I had a chance to meet up with John Pasden, an Alien Hominid fan who runs, an amazing resource for all things related to Chinese culture.

Childs Play 2006

With the holidays coming in quickly, it’s time to support your local charities. In case you’ve never heard of Childs Play before, it is a organization that raises millions of dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in childrens hospitals all over the world. We here at the Behemoth are proud sponsers of this event and encourage you to do so as well.

No Power!

About a week ago here at the Behemoth, we had a little electrical problem. It was sometime in the middle of the day, sometime in the middle of week, (we’re all about the specifics) when all of our power backup units started beeping and going crazy. Glancing over at our network servers we noticed all of the lights were dimming and computers were powering off. We immiedately began shutting off all of our computers and our office went completely electronicless (is that a word?)

After flipping all of our breakers on and off and trying to figure out exactly what the problem was, we realized we were not electricians and did not have any idea what we were doing. One thing of notice was that the panel for the breaker box was very warm to the touch. So we decided it would be best to not power anything back on and call in an electrician. Once we removed the front panel we noticed that one of the main lines running into our office was almost burnt to a crisp. If we had not been in the office when all of this had happened, who knows what might have happened, maybe nothing, but maybe just maybe, something!

In other news, Alien Hominid HD and Castle Crashers development are still underway and we are working hard to get them released as soon as possible.