Frogglet works in a similar way to that of his larger version, The Weapons Frog.

The Weapon’s Frog in the game serves as a type of weapons locker where all weapons you find in the game will be stored. Each weapon will be inside of this frog and the player will be able to go inside view his current list, and switch to a weapon at any time.

With that said, here’s Frogglet:



21 thoughts on “Frogglet”

  1. the real weapon’s frog picture was found in a video of dan paladin working on the outside portion of the Industrial Caslte

  2. Not only is it wierd to store weapons inside a giant frog – you’ve gone that extra mile to make it extra disturbing. Look at those eyes – this frogs existence is painful. Why? WHY!?

    This is awesome. You’re totally pleasing the sociopathic side of me. ^^

  3. now i get it πŸ˜› the blacksmith is tom fulp lol! πŸ˜› just kidding but look at the beard!

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