Bitey Bat

Since we had an extended weekend, we’ll be providing some back to back postings this week. Say hello to Bitey Bat, who will attack enemies with his awesome bat biting abilities


15 thoughts on “Bitey Bat”

  1. Ready to omnomnom his way to victory and a full belly! Do these creatures stick with you a whole level, or just for a certain amount of time?

  2. Actually, reading how they work and such on their descriptions, I can safely say I asked a somewhat stupid question! Still, I wonder how much damage some of these guys cause, in particular Mr. Bat right here.

  3. Do you have find these creatures in the levels or do you just win them after you beat certain levels?

  4. as i know they are mostly hidden. nice, so this was the decapitation they were talking about in the forums hurray!

  5. Ok you people who post this stuff up…I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! i mean I could go to and see the name but here you give a pic and give some word to it. This is da boom!!!!

  6. ok the bat sucks….. did u guys ever play the game befor i have levels, 89,64,30 something and a 20 something…. the bat is terrible it sucks… the best pets are giraffe… levels u up quicker chicken increase str,defence, and agilty and the pets are hiddin in levels and u buy them… weapons u get from bosses,hidden underground in treasure chest and u buy.

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