6 hours left!

We just keep staring at the clock waiting for it to reach 12AM. Even though the game won’t be out until 1AM, or 2AM, or some other time. In the past week I’ve heard about 300 different time slots from just about everyone so I don’t even know anymore.

As exciting as the launch is for us we don’t have time to sit and relax as we are all on a plane on Wednesday to the Penny-Arcade Expo. It’s actually really great timing for us as we get to be around all of our fans for the first few days of the title being launched.

One of the many surprises we will have at PAX will be our exclusive limited edition Barbarian Figure! (below) Not only will we be selling it at the show, but by Friday we will also have them available on our Behemoth Store, YES!

Check out his awesome battle flag of justice (I’m starting to sound like Dan now) and deadly weaponry.

OK, that’s all for now, less than 6 hours to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2007 Recap


Well the year is almost over, and we wanted to take a minute and thank all of our fans for all their support this year. We’ve had a hectic schedule these past 12 months and had a great time going to trade shows and meeting our fans. Here is a very brief recap of events from this past year.

January, 2007
San Francisco was our first stop for the year, attending the Annual IGF Awards show. We were nominated for 2 awards for our upcoming title Castle Crashers, and thanks to all of our fans received the Excellence in Visual Arts award, and the coveted Audience Award.

February, 2007
Alien Hominid HD launches on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Woo hoo! Our first title on the Xbox 360, and definitely not our last.

May, 2007
We announced our Alien Hominid Leaderboard Competition. Sending out trophies to the leaderboard winners on a weekly basis, we were the first developer to ever offer a physical prize for Xbox LIVE Leaderboard winners.

July, August, 2007
Comic-Con and PAX are the largest shows that we attend on a yearly basis. We had amazing turn outs at both events and look forward to another year of convention center fun.

December, 2007
We launch our official Behemoth Store! Within 2 days we completely sell out of our Castle Crashers figurines. In addition to the figurines, we launch a completely new t-shirt line, as well as finally offering our other trade show exclusive merchandise to the masses.

It was another busy year for the Behemoth, and everyone here is looking forward to 2008. We hope everyone has a safe holiday season, and get ready for Castle Crashers!