Alien Hominid’s 20th Anniversary

Hold on tight, humans, today marks twenty years since the original release of Alien Hominid! We’ve come a long way (in both time and space) since Tom and Dan first released the very first Flash version on Newgrounds, and we want to take the time not only to acknowledge the crazy journey it’s been, but also to thank you, our fans, for coming along for the ride. (Crazy Journey!! Thank you!!!) Since 2002, over 21 billion million people have played the 2D run and gun that started it all – from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We truly couldn’t have done it without you. <3

Throughout the process of releasing Alien Hominid on Newgrounds and later as a console game from the Behemoth, we learned a ton and collected loads of important intel data about your planet, the tragically primitive technology of earthlings, sensitive government information, and how much you all love decimating agents and blowing up rotor propelled sky crafts. You could say it’s been an absolute blast… Twenty years later, Alien Hominid is still free to play in its natural habitat (in all of its original glory on Newgrounds,) so if you’re ever craving a traditional side scroller (or are hoping to experience the ancient computer wizardry that was, according to reconstructed manuscripts and restored scrolls, called “Macromedia Flash”) you know right where to go! Like always, we’re totally excited to see what the future holds, but it’s always fun to treat yourself to a blast from the past. Now, if anyone’s going to be making a pit stop at Steakery Cakery on their way out of the atmosphere, (Musk? Bezos? Branson?) we’d appreciate it if you could pick up a cake for us… (the more tiers the better – twenty is an appropriate number, right? A tier for every year?)