Earthly Artifax: An Alien Hominid Saga – Watch LIVE During PAX Online + EGX Digital!

Yesterday before our PAX Online + EGX Digital livestream, we were told there was something waiting for us.


All we knew is that we had to watch it, and then we would understand.

And you know what? We get it now, because that something turned out to be the first episode of something magical.

While we still aren’t quite sure entirely what it is (maybe some sort of live action docu-mini-series video movie possibly musical?) we know what it’s called and at least a little bit of what it’s about.

Earthly Artifax: An Alien Hominid Saga is a 7-part series created here at The Behemoth that explores the life of one very big-headed Alien. (And that’s not an insult, we absolutely mean that literally.)

We don’t yet know where the Alien is going, and we don’t know where they’ve been, but we’re sure excited to find out.

You can watch live with us every day before our streams at 3 PM PT on Twitch and YouTube. The episodes will air first, and afterwards you’re welcome to stick around and hang out as we play games and celebrate PAX + EGX. If you do miss the episodes when they show, they’ll be online in one beautiful playlist for all of your watching (and rewatching needs) needs.

What do you think is going to happen next? Let us know your theories and conspiracies on Twitter!