Make Your Own Friend: Alien Hominid Head

If you’re looking for another buddy to hang out with you during these strange indoors-y times, here’s how you can make your own little Alien Hominid head to be your new friend!

I used a sewing machine to make mine, but if you’re good with sewing small stitches by hand, go for it!


– An old t-shirt
– A ballpoint pen or a pencil
– Some black and white felt to make the Alien’s eyes. If you don’t have it, then you use any other fabric that doesn’t fray too easily.
– Stuffing (I used polyester stuffing, but get creative! Cotton balls and other soft things could work in a pinch.)

Here’s the pattern you’ll need to make your Alien Hominid Head — no printer needed! You can just place a piece of paper on the computer screen and trace the patterns.

If you want to make your Alien the same size as the one I made, just zoom in until the specified line on the pattern is 2 inches long.

Step 1: Turn the T-shirt inside out and draw the pattern four times.

Step 2: Cut the fabric about 1/2 inches from the line. You want to have a bit of extra fabric along the line so that your Alien won’t unravel later.

Step 3: Pin two pieces together, line side out. When you pin them together, make sure that the line on the front and back line up! Do this twice. 

Step 4: Pin and sew one side of each piece together.

*When you sew, remove each pin right before the sewing machine needle goes over it, or you might break the needle on your sewing machine.

Step 5: Pin and sew the rest of the unattached sides to bring the two pieces together, BUT leave about 1 inch opening at the bottom

Step 6: Cut excess fabric and thread. Turn it inside out by pushing/pulling the fabric from the opening to flip it inside out.

Step 7: Stuff it with stuffing! You can just stuff it using your fingers. Once it’s starting to hold its shape, I normally use something like the back of a disposable chopstick to push the stuff around inside to make it as spherical and smooth as possible.

Step 8: Sew the opening closed and tie a knot.

Step 9: Cut felt for eyes. Sew white pieces on black pieces, and sew them onto a head.

Step 10: Sew the mouth using a black or dark thread!

* If you’re having trouble sewing the mouth, check out these detailed instructions.

And you’re done! You’ve got your very own Alien friend, and better yet, a perfect method for making an entire ARMY of Alien friends. If you do make your own, be sure to share it with us on Twitter or Instagram!