Make Your Own Friend: Alien Hominid Head SPECIAL MOUTH EDITION

If you’re having trouble free-style sewing the mouth on your Alien Hominid head, just follow these instructions.

If you somehow stumbled upon this page without knowing what the heck is going on, you can check out our Alien Hominid plush head tutorial right here for some context. (We swear this post isn’t *that* weirdly specific; it’s not for just sewing Alien mouths onto random things, but you sure can use it for that if you want!)

First, put pins where its mouth is going to be. Wrap a thread around each pin and tweak the mouth line as desired. This is just a guide for you before the real deal happens, so there’s no need to tie off the thread anywhere.

If you’re happy with how the mouth looks, remove the thread from your head and follow the steps.

Pull that through, and the big reveal comes. Are you ready?

… *insert drumroll here* …


And there you have it! A picture perfect smile every time.

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