Play Pit People with the Devs

Edit: This event is now over but you can see the recording of the live stream here:

We’re bringing back Play with the Devs, where the community gets a chance to play one of our games against us! This time, we’re going to take it to the Pit and battle it out 1v1 against the community.

Join us on Thursday, December 21st, from 3:30PM-5:00PM PST for our live stream on Twitch and Facebook.

For those who want a chance to play against our team, you can sign up from our Discord server. We’ll choose 5 community players for this stream and 5 community members for the short list to be on standby if we have time for more fights or if any players are unable to make it.

Players who register must own Pit People on Steam and must be available for the whole duration of the event on December 21, 2017. Please see our Discord #Announcements channel for more details!