Power-up! Inside Video Games with The Behemoth

Two of our games are currently exhibiting in the Fleet Science Center as part of the traveling Game Masters exhibition. Since the Fleet is in San Diego, we’ve been working with them to do events while the exhibition is in town.

Our team with Andrea Decker from the Fleet Science Center

Yesterday, we went to the Fleet Science Center to kick off their first talk in their series: Power-Up! Inside Video Games. Big thanks to Andrea Decker, from the Fleet, for working with us to put this together in their huge IMAX theater!

(See all photos from our visit to the Fleet on July 27th)

Here’s a quick recap of what we saw and what we did during our latest visit to the Fleet:


Look! That’s us in the 7PM slot!

Museum patrons had the option that day to get a ticket to our 7PM discussion in place of an IMAX film!

Tom and Dan showing us how they power up

Once an attendee had their ticket, they could walk into the museum to check out the Game Masters exhibition with over 100+ playable games (no quarters necessary)!

The start of the Game Masters exhibit

If you head into the Game Masters exhibit from the front entrance, you’ll start with the classic arcade games in the Arcade Heroes section of the museum. Here you’ll find games like Centipede, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Elevator Action. Then you’ll pass the Game Changers area where they have games that range from Super Mario Bros. to Legend of Zelda to Diablo 3 to Dance Central 3.

Towards the back of the exhibition you’ll find the Indies section where Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers will be.

Group shot of our team members who were there to participate in our panel for Power-Up! Inside Video Games


Before the Dome Theater doors opened at 7PM, we mingled in the lobby of the Fleet. It was a great chance to chat with people one-on-one. We even signed a few items for fans in attendance!

They’re selling this Alien Hominid tee in the Fleet’s gift shop.

Side-Note: If anyone purchases an Alien Hominid t-shirt from the gift shop at the Fleet Science Center, 100% of the proceeds from the tee will go towards the Fleet’s summer camps for kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to attend them. Support the museum’s programs for the kids!

Before we knew it 7PM rolled around! Our panelists headed for the stage and the attendees lined up to enter the theater.

The panelists from left to right: Dan Paladin, John Baez, Tom Fulp, Will Stamper, Rich Karpp

Each panelist brought their own experiences to the table — Dan is our ever-so-talented art director, John is our business-savvy producer with an architectural background, Tom and Rich are super smart programmers, and Will is a voice actor extraordinaire.

Our pseudo-moderator, Ian Moreno, started off the talk with a few questions for the panelists and then we opened up the Q&A to the audience. There were so many great questions! Questions like:

-“What are the most fun and least fun parts of your jobs?”
-“How does early access affect your game development process?”
-“Whose idea was the [orange] princess in Castle Crashers?”

Thanks to everyone who came out to meet with us, listen to our words, and big thanks to the Fleet Science Center for having us!