Pit People Update 2: World Tour – Out now on Steam

Welcome to our Pit People Update 2: World Tour changelist! This update primarily focuses on Worldmaps and Tournaments. As always the main Story, although not included in this update, is being developed alongside all these improvements we have been releasing.

Here’s the Update 2 change list for Steam:

Unfair Challenge & PVP changes

  • Standard loot for participating in PVP has been introduced. Local PVP will not yield rewards as always.
  • PVP match with another player you will receive a Quest Item and some gold to top off any other loot you’ve gotten.
  • Auto-battler being used in moderation will have show a slight reduction of Pit Points gained (IE. starting out, finishing a match, or a few turns of the battle).
  • Auto-battler speeds have been slightly reduced (slower than “instant”).
  • Entire battles completed with Auto-battlers will yield less Pit Points in both Unfair Challenge as well as PVP modes (as opposed to a player manually placing their fighters). Loot and XP are unchanged. NOTE: Anyone paired along with an Auto-battler in either Unfair Challenge or PVP will not receive less Pit Points, but the Auto-battling user will receive less Pit Points. Turning it on and off throughout the match in an effort to trick the system will not work!


House Menu

  • Icons added for critical chance, dodge chance, piercing, Weight reduction, spawns minions, acid damage, chain lightning, ink, and confuse.
  • Mushrooms, Mascots, Wraiths, Troll Moms, Gorgons will all have proper House Menu readouts along the top.
  • Color coding – Main categories of weapons will now correspond with the color of the stat bar they are most related to.
  • Mouse user Tool tips for icons up top (just have to hover).
  • Mouse user Tool tips for stat bars (just have to hover).
  • More trade-off weapons introduced.
  • Trade-off weaponry we introduced in Update 1 (weaponry with a strategic advantage over the cost of other stats) will now show icons that help show exactly what strategic advantages they’ll give. NOTE: Weapons that grant Defense will be marked as tradeoff icons but will not have the secondary, larger icon displayed at this time. If you’re scratching your head at a trade-off weapon that isn’t showing any other strategic difference, it should be a Defense weapon.



  • Elite enemies are now immune to the wagon cannon. Bring that nitro! (Remember, elite enemies cannot be fleed from once engaged)
  • Elite enemies will leave cool little red fire trails.



  • Spidaurs can now recruit fighters who are last in the fight – They must stand at net throwing range from their recruit like human net throwers. NOTE: Please know that Spidaurs have NOT gained the ability to snare from a distance in regular fighting.
  • Brand new Mortar called “The Stinger” with Blind effect. Blinded fighters have greatly reduced accuracy for their next turn (accuracy, as always, applies to melee as well!)..
  • Archers have been made consistent in their shots, including Mortar users (no change from hotfix). You are now guaranteed 6/4/2 shots from Light/Medium/Mortar when not moving that turn and 3/2/1 shots when moving that turn.
  • Higher chance for skins of creatures gained through regular loot.
  • Tech Support Bow was not getting expected bonus against Electrobots in Update 1 (oops).
  • Various balance changes to Cyclops, Hair Troll, Troll Mom, Troll Babies, Mushroom, Kobold, Gorgon, Snake Minis, Octoclops, Heavy Sword, Light Bow, Medium Bow, Mortar (no change from hotfix), Throwing Axe.


Other delights

  • Some facelifts for existing weaponry; Safety Last, Pineapple, Masterwork, Crispotron and more.
  • Creatures available more often in the Marquette.
  • “Help” from Pause Menu will now list out the House Menu icons.
  • You can now rebind keys for ‘sell fighter’ and ‘trade fighter’.
  • New Narrator VO quips when in a battle.



  • Fixed a bug that caused some textures to fail to reload after changing texture quality.
  • Re-enable vsync setting after changing display modes.
  • Co-op players can go into an online vs. lobby; they’re forced to play on the same side.
  • Narrator continues to make commentary for kills after the ninth.
  • Items only show up as new if you haven’t seen that item before.
  • Red numbers under a shield icon in the house indicate weakness to an effect.
  • Fixed a bug that awarded Hailey, Pandora, and Esteban incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused half-slot fighters to have the wrong level in arena battles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused multiple fighter to render on top of each other.
  • Half-slot fighters get full hero attributes. Recruited half-slot fighters are given two different names.
  • Added a “blind” status effect.
  • Improved switching between keyboard and mouse in battle.


Let us know your thoughts in the Pit People Steam Forums or our Discord Server!

If you’re playing on the Xbox One version, please note that Update 2 is expected to be coming soon to Xbox One (date TBA).