Pit People Update 1: “Home Improvement” now available on both Xbox One and Steam!

The Home Improvement update for Pit People is now up on Xbox One and Steam! To see the full changelist, click on the platform you play on:

Xbox One – Pit People Update 1 Changelist
Steam – Pit People Update 1 Changelist

We’ve also started working on Update 2, which will be called “World Tour”. As you can probably guess, a lot of our focus is updating parts of the World Map as well as different parts of the City.

Some of these changes are already completed in our development build, while others are still being hashed out. As always, main story stuff is being worked on alongside all updates. However, a main story drop will not be ready for Update 2. No date has been set for Update 2’s drop.

You can click on one of the links below to see the Partial Road Map for Pit People Update 2: World Tour. Please keep in mind the Road Maps are NOT an official changelist, that some changes may not make it in time, and that our changelist is expected to be more comprehensive than this.

Xbox One – Pit People Update 2 Partial Road Map
Steam – Pit People Update 2 Partial Road Map

Let us know your thoughts in the comments sections of the Road Maps!